Burger Bench in North County 4.5 out of 5


This is a new burger joint located in Escondido and  we decided to check it out,  It’s only been open since September 2015. Parking was very easy and we went on a Friday evening.  The restaurant is a deli style establishment where you order and pay at the cashier and then they bring you the food once you are at your table . The place was crowded and we had to wait for about 10 minutes for a seat. 

We decided to order not only the Naked Burger but also the Burger Bench signature burger to give them both a try. The price for each was around $9 with fries or tater tots ordered al la Carte. The meat is certified angus beef and is made fresh everyday. 

Here is the signature burger: 


It’s topped with Blue & Monterey Jack cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, onions,  agrugula & bbq sauce. Holy moly it is delicious!!!! Now to see if the Naked Burger matches up without all the extra goodies. 

Doesn’t look like much…….. But it was very tasty; the meat is wonderfully seasoned with a great burger to bun ratio. 

This is one joint that doesn’t need all the extra toppings to still have a good burger ands that’s why it gets a 4.5 out of 5 – be sure to visit early; this place  closes at 8pm. 

Naked vs Signature pictures below 
Link to Burger Bench  


Lazy Dog – 2 out of 5 


Lazy Dog is located in Mission Valley, San Diego. Its easy to find and has plenty of parking.  

This restaurant has 3 places to sit; inside, outside or at the bar. We opted for outside since it was a nice day – and bonus for all you dog lovers – you can bring your furry friend! 

The menu has many options good for all pallets and many different burgers to choose from. I went for the “American Burger”.

My initial reaction was positive, the burger looked pretty yummy. Unfortunately, when I cut the burger in 1/2 and took a bite, the truth came to light & it was not very tasty.  

As you can see below the burger to bun ratio was unequal & this burger has way to much bun for the buck. It also has two thin patties instead of the one patty that we tend to review & it did not work well for this burger, I was reminded of a fast food burger (think Golden Arches) & overall it was not good; very dry and tasteless. 
The saving grace at this joint is that it has a great vibe & atmosphere, along with a good selections of beers.  They do have many signature burgers on the menu that might be warranted of another review, stay tuned! 


Bare Back Grill 4.5 

This place is located in Pacific Beach on Mission Blvd; a block from the Beach. 

We picked it cause it was voted the best burger from 2005-2012 and we wanted to check it out for ourselves! 

The burgers are all grass-fed organic beef and all ingredients are organic. They have variety of different burgers on the menu ranging from lamb burgers to beef burgers with a fried egg. 

The naked burger was awesome! Super tasty and seasoned well. There is something to be said about grass-fed meat. The bun to burger ratio is on point & my tasting partner described it as the “filet mignon of burgers”.

I highly recommend this place; you can sit outside if the weather is nice & taste a yummy burger!  


Gordon Ramsy’s Burgr 5 out of 5

This is going to be an interesting write up.  This was by far one of the best burgers that we reviewed; we seem to have forgotten to take pictures of the meat itself.  I guess what happens in Vegas did stay in Vegas; at least for this review. 😊

GR Burgr is located in Planet Hollywood and was not very crowded l. This was good since it was a holiday weekend in LV. The burgers do have fun names, they are ordered All- la Carte; be fair warned cause it’s pricey. 

We opt for a naked burger & the Hell’s Kitchen burger.  The burger was amazing and the meat was perfect. The ratio of meat to bun is on point and it was all around delicious.  The seasoning is not to salty which is great. You seriously need nothing on this burger to enjoy. 

Be sure to check out this place while in Vegas; it’s worth it. 

Soda & Swine 0 out of 5 :(

This was a frustrating review for me. This place had great reviews and is in an awesome part of San Diego (Liberty Station). 

As we were looking at the menu, I noticed that they had a burger so I figured that I would review it on the fly. 

Order the burger, wasn’t even asked how I wanted it cooked and everyone else got their food while I was still waiting for the burger to come. 

It did, and I was very disappointed. It looked burnt on the outside & barely was edible. It had so much salt on the patty, I only could take a couple of bites. 

Sad to say, I will not be coming back to this joint.  


New York Burger Company 5 out of 5

This is my favorite review so far! This place is spectacular!


Cute little burger joint in the heart of Chelsea, New York. When you enter, its the typical walk up to the counter and order, they give you a pager and page you when your food is ready. They have many items to choose from besides burgers, and most of their burgers are named from New York landmarks; think Liberty Burger and Bronx Burger.  The price is not bad; I paid less then $10 for my burger and bottle of water.

I did see a Chelsea burger with bacon and 1000 island dressing but I knew what I was there for and order my Naked Burger.



It was delicious! The bun to burger ratio was right on point and the taste was perfect; even with out anything on it!!! I ordered it Medium, which I found in New York is pretty much pink; but it did not matter. This is one burger that needs NOTHING on it; look at those grill marks!!!

So if you ever find your self in the beautiful city of New York, please do your self a favor and try a burger from New York Burger Company!

Great job guys!

Hooters! 4.0 out of 5

Hooters for burgers? I’m sure that your first thought was No way!?

Hooters is usually not a place that one would think of when choosing to have a burger for dinner, however this place actually makes a great burger!

The bun to burger ratio is perfect, not too much, which is a problem at many places. The burger itself is seasoned just right and very juicy.   This is one of the few places that I do not mind eating my burger Naked.  You can tell that this burger is not a frozen patty that is warmed up; its actually very tasty.


And Look at those FRIES!! YUM YUM!

The price is decent and this place can be fun to have lunch or watch the game!!



The next stop on our Burger journey was Backyard Kitchen & Tap. This is located in Pacific Beach where Moondoggies used to be (PB Locals will know this place!)


The burgers are Top Notch, they are delicious grass-fed burgers that melt in your mouth!  As you can see the burger to bun ratio is perfect. The bun itself was sweet and toasty and matched wonderfully with the meat.

The seasoning on the burger was enough to have this be a true Naked Burger, with no need for any toppings.

Overall this place is getting a 4.5 out of 5 on the burger scale. We will repeat!

This place also has a variety of beers and cocktails to choose from, and on different nights they have live music and karaoke!

Tip: This may be a bar in PB; but the food & prices are more gourmet, so plan accordingly


burger 1

ROCKY’S 4.5 out of 5

If you were to Google for the best burger in San Diego, chances are you will run across Rocky’s in Pacific Beach.  This place is located on a small corner off of Ingraham Street, and it is indeed a small establishment. It was crowded when we came but a space cleared up quickly.

Here is the menu:




That’s it.

They do have local variety of beers on tap which is nice but WOW this place does one thing and one thing well, BURGERS!

We ordered a Naked burger and a Dressed up burger, both were amazing! The ratio of burger to bun is good and the meat itself is delicious;  “It taste like a piece of steak” – the dressed up burger was equally delicious, you cannot go wrong with this place at all.

Giving this place a 4.5 out 5 on taste, price and overall goodness – highly recommended!!!!

Tip: This place only take cash! 

Here is our Naked Burger!


Here is the Dressed up Burger!